Dutchess County Genealogical Society


Table of Contents - The Dutchess:  Access the Table of Contents to The Dutchess, the quarterly publication of the Dutchess County Genealogical Society. Over the years, many indexes and abstracts of the original or hard-to-find materials have been published here.  We are pleased to provide an online listing, by Volume and Issue number, of the articles that have appeared since the publication's beginning in 1973.  Back issues are available for a nominal fee. Happy hunting!

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DCGS Newsletter:  This is the shorter, 4-6 page publication of the DCGS, mailed out with The Dutchess four times a year.  It contains society news, new members and news about the field of Genealogy in general.  Genealogical information is limited to articles that may describe how to use a particular resource, or publish lists of new available resources, not hard genealogical data.  These data are reserved for The Dutchess quarterly.